Battlefield 2042 has most of its weapons locked behind an XP progression system. Playing games will earn experience that will eventually increase your level, unlocking new toys for your Specialists. It's all fairly standard, although leveling in 2042 can take an eternity depending on what you're playing.

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Before we discuss the best XP farming method, we need to state that Portal is the worst way to level in 2042, as it has XP caps for custom servers and fewer opportunities to earn points on Ripple Effect's official servers. Hazard Zone is a decent way to level, but that doesn't hold a candle to the best XP farm in Battlefield 2042: spotting targets on Breakthrough.

The Fastest XP Farm

The best XP farm in 2042 is using Casper's Drone or Prox Sensors to mass-spot targets in Breakthrough. Every enemy you spot in Breakthrough gives you 5XP. That doesn't sound like much, but every spotted enemy that dies will give you 50XP, half a kill's worth. Spot enough targets, and you'll start earning ribbons that grant even more XP.

Casper is the best Specialist for this strategy. His drone has a fairly long range, auto-spots targets you're looking at that aren't too far away, and it can even disrupt enemy vehicles—granting more XP. As of writing, you can also attach gadgets onto Casper's drone. Strapping the drone with C5 is an effective strategy for destroying vehicles, ensuring some multikills that grant a massive chunk of XP. However, this should be a secondary focus, as spotting is where most of your XP will be coming from.


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This strategy is incredibly simple:

  • Enter a Breakthrough match.
  • Find a safe spot.
  • Deploy your drone.
  • Fly above the enemy team and keep an eye on them, spotting them every few seconds.
    • The drone will automatically spot enemies if you're within range.

That's it. If someone destroys your drone, it'll gain another use after a short cooldown. A good Breakthrough game will give you around 120 kill assists, sometimes more. The number of assists you'll be getting will also grant T3 Intel and Wingman ribbons each game, each granting 2,000 additional XP each.

Using Prox Sensors

Note: Prox Sensors unlock at level 22. They go in the grenade slot.

If starring at enemies all game sounds painful, you can use Prox Sensor grenades instead of Casper to mimic this strategy. In essence, you'll want to throw a Prox Sensor at any group of enemies you find. It'll spot those targets for everyone on your team, granting 5XP per spot. Just like Casper's drone, any spotted targets that die will grant 50XP. You'll be earning progress towards Wingman and Intel ribbons as well that grant even more XP. Breakthrough works best for this.

Since Prox Sensors are just grenades, you can use this strategy with any Specialist you like. Sundance is a great choice since she has a suite of powerful grenades that regenerate over time. If your squad has an Angel, they can also replenish your Prox Sensors. Throw as many of these grenades as you can to rack up the XP.

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