A game collector is trying to sell two sealed, flat-packed, and empty GoldenEye 007 display boxes for £2,445.00 on eBay.

Anyone who's kept an eye on gaming collecting knows that items as rare as sealed Nintendo 64 games can go for a lot of money. We've seen big titles like Super Mario 64 go for $1.5 million at auction, but it seems that it's not just about the games on the inside of the box - it's also about the box itself.

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As reported by Nintendo Life, eBay user kultclassic-uk posted a listing for two GoldenEye display boxes, one first print from 1997 and one silver Player's Choice from 1999. Both boxes are flat-packed and sealed in airtight containers. The listing has them costing £2,445.00 for the pair, with the seller apparently not wanting to split them up.

The listing for the boxes says, "An opportunity to own this rare set of GoldenEye 007 Nintendo 64 "Display only" boxes. Both UKG Graded 85+ NM+. Both the first print (1997) and players choice (1999). [Copies] are PAL variants with the unique factor being the "display only" tabs on the back. Kept as close to pristine as possible, never made up and graded in original flat press condition."


As for why the boxes are so expensive, kultclassic-uk said, "I can't imagine many would have survived and if that, in any decent condition, and even less still factory pressed, making these very unique for a Nintendo, N64, Goldeneye or James Bond fan. I'm reluctant to split up the pair but feel free to contact with any questions or to discuss a price".

The listing has also reached David Doak, one of the original developers of GoldenEye. When shared with him he said, "Oh dear. I wonder what signed ones go for?", before later saying, "at least they're not NFTs". Following the listing being shared with Doak, kultclassic-uk quickly updated the page to say that it had come to the attention of one of the original developers.

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