During Microsoft’s conference to celebrate Xbox’s 20 years of existence, 343 Industries announced that Halo Infinite multiplayer would launch early in a beta format before the game’s official December launch date. The beta comes with a healthy chunk of what Halo Infinite will offer when it’s officially launched, but the studio is taking this time to collect feedback and improve the multiplayer experience.

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For players looking to get a bit more sweaty online, Halo Infinite offers a Ranked playlist. Compared to Quick Play, Ranked is a more intense, high-pressured game mode that may not be suited for every Spartan. If you think you’re up for the challenge, keep reading for some handy tips on how to dominate in Ranked.

Starting Loadout

Unlike Quick Play, you do not start the match equipped with the MA40 Assault Rifle. Instead, Spartans spawn with the BR75 Battle Rifle. The battle rifle has burst fire instead of the steady, automatic stream of the assault rifle, so succeeding with the BR75 requires precision accuracy. The battle rifle deals considerably more damage than the assault rifle, especially on headshots.


In Ranked, you only spawn with the battle rifle, so that means no secondary pistol. However, there are still weapons scattered around the map that you can pick up to fill the empty weapon slot. Finding a second gun quickly can prove the difference between living or dying when you have to reload your battle rifle and you can switch weapons to finish off an enemy. The battle rifle can be a bit difficult to aim because of the recoil, so take some time practicing with the battle rifle in Weapon Drills.

Types Of Games

The Ranked playlist contains four game modes: Slayer, Oddball, Capture the Flag, and Stronghold. Currently, the Halo Infinite beta has all of the game modes compiled into one giant playlist, though people in the community have speculated that 343 Industries wanted players to experience the different game modes before splitting them separately when the game officially launches.

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The conditions to win each game mode don’t change much from Quick Play to Ranked. For Slayer, your team needs to reach 50 kills before the enemy team. Oddball requires your team to hold the flaming skull for 100 seconds. Stronghold gives you the task of securing and holding points of interest on the map. The only mode that’s slightly different is Capture the Flag. Instead of needing three flag captures to win, Ranked requires a total of five captures.

Placement Matches

Halo Infinite uses a robust ranking system that has six different ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Onyx. Each of the six ranks is further broken down into six sub-ranks, so players can be ranked Gold 1 to Gold 6 before advancing to the next rank. You have to play ten placements matches to determine what your starting rank will be, but Halo Infinite offers the flexibility to limit what type of players you face off against. If you prefer to play on a controller, you can set the game to only match you with other players on consoles. If you're a solo gamer, instead of selecting Open on the menu, select Solo/Duo and you'll only match with players who are either by themselves as well or only with one other person in their party.

Halo Infinite prioritizes your kill-to-death ratio slightly more than simply winning matches. If you win matches but consistently go negative, odds are you’re not going to advance very far in the ranking system. But this also doesn’t give an excuse to go headhunting during Capture the Flag or Oddball, because focusing on the objective to win the game remains the ultimate goal. Try to find a balance between getting kills, staying alive, and completing the objective.

No Mini-Map

One of the biggest changes in Ranked compared to Quick Play is the omission of the mini-map. Ranked matches don’t give you the luxury of having the mini-map in the lower-left corner, so be wary of enemies potentially sneaking up behind you.

Halo Infinite has a suitable ping system that you should utilize in Ranked matches to communicate where enemies are or to direct traffic when playing objective-based games. Using the ping-system, along with normal team communications, will help achieve success without relying on the mini-map. If you’re still unfamiliar with the various map layouts, we recommend spending some time in custom games to learn all the different map designs.

Friendly Fire

Don’t say we didn’t warn you about Ranked matches being intense. Halo Infinite enforces MLG game settings for its Ranked matches, which means friendly fire is turned on. Because there isn’t a mini-map to indicate where enemies and friendlies are, it’s easy to fire accidentally and injury a teammate if you’re trigger-happy.

Halo Infinite allows you to adjust the settings to change the outline color of enemies. To reduce accidentally shooting your teammates, we recommend choosing a color for enemies that is the complete opposite of your teammates. It’s impossible to completely avoid friendly fire because grenades are a major factor in causing damage, but choosing a color to make enemies stand out more can keep inflicting damage to teammates at a minimum.

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