Redfin Pickerels can be a fickle catch in Red Dead Redemption 2 and are undoubtedly difficult to fish up in a pinch for Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online.

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That is unless you know where to look. Redfin's can be found fairly reliably swimming in rivers throughout West Elizabeth and a few other niche watering holes.

Redfin Pickerel are slim little fish with characteristically red fins. They may be hard to find as Redfin Pickerels keep to rather specific fishing holes along these various streams. As a predatory species, Redfin Pickerel are drawn in by really any and all food lures over imitation ones made by man, but bread appears to be the best option for bait.

You'll also have an easier time luring them out of hiding on warm sunny days. Now that you know how to approach this fishing trip, here are the best Redfin Pickerel locations in RDR2 and RDO.

Best Redfin Pickerel Locations

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Stillwater Creek

Starting down south, Stillwater Creek is the only fishing hole for Redfin Pickerel we have found in New Austin. However, Redfin Pickerels tend to stick to only a few specific pools even throughout the small network of streams.

  • The first place to check will be in the small pool directly to the west of the streams, sitting close to the train tracks that run around the area.
  • The next area to head is up the largest stream that branches off to the southwest. You may have some luck casting your line in just before the stream begins to narrow.
  • The third location to fish for Redfin Pickerel along Stillwater Creek is in the large pool at the end of the largest stream.

Stillwater Creek is also said to be the location of the legendary pickerel found in RDR2.

Lower Montana River

  • The Arora Basin is a popular fishing hole for many species, and the Redfin Pickerels are no exception. You should be able to fish them up from the dock off the pool's northern shores.
  • As you're heading up or down the Lower Montana River, try a spot of fishing above Thieve's Landing, in the stretch of river just before it splits around the island between Thieve's Landing and Quaker Cove.

Quaker's Cove

Quaker's Cove is also a good fishing hole to catch Redfin Pickerel. Try casting your line in the little pool that is closed in between the docks and shoreline.

Upper Montana River

Near the mouth of the Upper Montana River, you can fish up more Redfins from the southern banks by casting your line in across from the central cluster of islands in the middle of the river.

Dakota River

  • Along the bend in the Dakota River south of Caliban's Seat, you may find some Redfin Pickerel towards the bottom edge of the bend, upstream a little ways from the farmsteads on either side of the river that are sat far back from the banks.
  • The other area to find Redfin Pickerel in the Dakota River is just above Bard's Crossing. You should be able to fish some up from the banks on the West Elizabeth side or head out onto the island in the middle of the river.

Flat Iron Lake

You may also catch Redfin Pickerel in Lemoyne's Scarlett Meadows, off of the dock opposite the isles that sit off the eastern shores of Flat Iron Lake. The dock is located due west of the city of Rhodes.

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