As with every new Skyrim release, The Elder Scrolls 6: Skyrim Anniversary Edition didn’t arrive without at least a few hiccups. Last week, players were met with infinite loading screens and a two-year-old bug that told PS4 users they needed to free up 0kb of storage space in order to continue playing.

Yesterday, Bethesda released a patch that seems to have fixed both those issues but also introduced new ones. Eurogamer reports that the black screen bug is gone, but a lot of mods have been broken after improvements to Skyrim’s script runtime. That’ll require mod makers to rewrite their code and issue updated versions.

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Another bug that was introduced is less catastrophic for mod makers. It’s a bug that appears to multiply the Bethesda logo on the game’s initial splash screen until it's basically all Bethesda logos.

Redditor Buglepost captured the bug in action. They said that the issue appeared after updating Anniversary Edition and SKSE. “Game plays normally otherwise," they added. "Really weird."


The bug doesn’t actually prevent loading and playing save files, so it’s more of a curiosity at this point. Perhaps it has something to do with the updated script speeds? Or maybe Bethesda just updated their splash screen logo without telling anyone.

Skyrim modders are a fairly industrious lot, so we can expect most Skyrim mods to get fixed within the week or so. That's good news for anyone using the Skyrim to Borderlands mod set, which is actually a list of a dozen mods that change Skyrim's art style to be similar to Borderlands. It's an extensive visual rework that really changes the game's aesthetic.

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